Our Process


This 8-step process is a full-scale talent acquisition solution designed to meet the specific and unique individual needs of each client, provide a truly seamless partnership, and produce the highest quality result in the placement of top leadership talent that will strengthen your organization.

  • Client

    We conduct a client intake session where we discuss and assess your overall needs for the particular role, company culture, the ideal candidate profile, and then advise you on current market conditions and identify any red flags that would prevent you from making a successful hire.

  • Research

    Based on your specific company profile and the particular role itself we pinpoint key target organizations to procure top leadership talent, in addition to using industry contacts, professional affiliations, proprietary databases, and industry-leading technology methods.

  • Screen & Recruit

    We identify a select number of strong possible candidates and engage in an initial discussion regarding the open position, after which we then thoroughly screen each of them for assessment of skills, preliminary fit, and interest.  This stage will typically reduce the selection size by roughly 20% and those remaining go on to the next stage of interview.

  • Interview
    with Us

    We conduct a comprehensive in-person or video interview with each remaining candidate and fully establish open dialogue regarding their complete professional background and achievements, as well as personal interests, and what an ideal position would look like for them.  For further evaluation we then carry out supervisory and peer reference checks for each candidate.  We truly get to personally know each and every one of these individuals and form a relationship of trust and open communication.

  • Presentation &

    DB Search Group presents roughly only 1/4 of the candidates we initially screen, which is usually the top 4-5.  You’re never sifting through sub-par resumes or even being subjected to simply “qualified” candidates (which you could easily find on your own).  These remaining individuals represent the absolute best of the best.  We present you with a bulleted snapshot profile of their professional background and skillset, brief excerpts from our interview, resume, and references.  We work with you to assist with the scheduling and arranging of all interviews, preparing both sides beforehand and debriefing both sides afterwards.  From the first round of interviews we work with you to create a short list of candidates for second interviews, if needed.

  • Final

    By this stage of the process you’ll have narrowed the field down to the desired individual(s).  Often, deciding on a lead candidate is not easy.  We’ll advise you on candidate strengths and weaknesses, as well as our view of the best fit for your organization. 

  • Job Offer

    Once you determine your choice we’ll manage communications and address any questions you may have to help you put together an offer that your lead candidate likely won’t refuse.  We discuss preliminary key elements of the offer with the lead candidate, looking for red flags, negotiating differences, and receiving a verbal commitment that the candidate will accept the offer.  Only then do we present a formal offer, helping ensure the successful completion of your search.

  • Resignation &

    This final stage is of extreme importance as we coach the new hire through resignation and the very likely counter-offer from their current employer.  This is very important as companies react very quickly to the impending loss of top leadership and will aggressively negotiate to keep them, which can upend the entire hiring process if the new hire is left to navigate it alone.  We have a very successful track record in always overcoming that particular hurdle.

    Also, our service doesn’t simply end after the offer acceptance.  On the day of hire (or a day of your choosing) we stop in with a ‘Welcome Aboard’ package for the new hire and a celebratory custom cake for the hiring team as well (because who doesn’t love cake?).  We then follow up on all transition details to ensure a flawless transition to your organization, and throughout the first month periodically check in with the hiring team and the new employee to make sure the new relationship is off to a great start.