Interview Facilitation

Engaged Interview Event

DB Search Group provides the option of a much more comprehensive onsite or offsite interview event ensuring more efficient and effective results when there are several decision-makers involved and/or multiple candidates being considered. This panel-style interview process yields dramatically increased cohesive communication between hiring managers for a more precision-based outcome. It also alleviates the need for staggered or multiple interviews, and therefore decreases the time-to-hire. This is a one day event.

  • We work with you to set aside a block of time for all decision-makers for that particular position and schedule a morning or afternoon of interviews (typically about 1 hour+ for each candidate).
  • We handle all candidate scheduling, assure that they arrive on time and are ready for their interview time slot, and debrief with each one immediately following their interview.
  • If desired, we provide one of our representatives onsite to assist in facilitating the candidate process.
  • We conduct immediate post-interview debriefing with the client to discuss your assessments and identify your choice candidate.
  • At a break time of your choosing, we provide catered lunch for the interviewing team during this event.
  • If desired, we offer the use of our business lounge and large conference space for your team to utilize as an offsite interview venue. Moving your interview setting offsite can be a great solution if more space is needed for a large team of candidate decision-makers. If you’re located outside of our area then we will arrange booking a nearby conference space at no extra cost to you (if needed).