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We are always recruiting for the right human capital. At DB Search Group, we don't just find jobs, we specialize in matching great candidates to outstanding opportunities. We pair your skills, background, experience, and temperament with professional opportunities that match your criteria. DB Search Group has it's fingers on the pulse of several industries, with strong focuses on Human Resources, Office Administrative, Management, and Sr. Executive Leadership.


We have very extensive networks from several areas including industry contacts and professional affiliations. We also have a thorough understanding of professional and administrative employment which is why we have such a successful record of finding the right person for the job, the first time.

Top Companies

As your recruiting firm, we make it a priority to understand you, and what type of employment you are looking for. We also take just as much time getting to know the companies we work with, such as understanding their corporate culture and learning what types of people tend to thrive there. Then, we concentrate on pairing you with the optimal, professional job with the best, most reputable company. By working only with professionals who have the character, skills, and ambition to do the job, we have built a reputation of supplying the best and brightest employees to our clients. This reputation has earned us access to a wide range of opportunities with reputable clients from start-ups, to small growing companies, to larger Fortune 500 corporations, and beyond.


Whether you're ready now or just taking a look at what's "out there", our specialized approach caters to both active and passive candidates. Passive candidates make up 70% of the individuals that we represent. These are individuals that are not actively "looking", however they would be willing to take a look, and/or make a move for the right opportunity.

Personalized Attention

  • Coaching:Your job satisfaction is our most important goal as we develop a unique personalized partnership when working with you. We don't just present you with a few job leads and wish you luck, we'll give you the coaching and strategies to prepare for the job you want to win.
  • Resume Tips:We'll critique your resume and give you constructive feedback on how to make your resume highlight your skills in the most impressive manner.
  • Interview Tips:We can provide you with sample questions hiring managers often ask, tips on how to answer them, and ideas for questions that you may want to ask.
  • Company Profiles:We'll make sure you're prepared with background on the organization, the position you're interviewing for, and the hiring manager you'll interview with.
  • Attentiveness:We listen to you! We look into what your strengths are, what you're looking for, and where you'd like to be.

How We Work Together

At DB Search Group, we value our relationship with you and give open and honest communication. We don't ever try to twist your arm to take a job. Instead, we seek a long-term, trust-based relationship. We know that a job search can be a very stressful thing, and we work to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. We're not simply placement agents, we are Career Counselors who will assist you with marketing your background, and give you insight into the job market.

There's a Perfect Fit Out There Just Waiting For You...And We'll Find It!

Contact us now so that we can match you with that perfect opportunity! To view some of our current jobs, be sure to visit our Job Postings page. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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