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About The Founder

DB Search Group is the brainchild of Founder and President, Devin Blanks.  Equipped with several years of experience at some of the foremost respected companies in the professional recruiting industry, he set out to incorporate his sharp expertise, vast networks, and strong understanding of recruiting into the form of an organization that goes above and beyond the standard operations of most agencies of its kind.  Devin has a very affirmed passion for what he does, as well as a strong belief and vested interest in surfacing outstanding opportunities for top candidates, and supplying solid companies with the very best professionals for the job.

He says, "Whether they're small start-ups or large corporations, companies want to grow their organizations the right way. I find that most of our clients really only want 2 things from their staffing provider--quality candidates and great service. Due to our tremendous networks, we have a very large candidate pool. If a company wants the best candidates--we've got them. Also our business model is built around customer service and offers you a boutique approach to what we do. We're really not just another ordinary firm, we serve as a complete strategic, professional search and placement solution."

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